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Paving Integrated Photovoltaics “PIPV”

A Paving Integrated Photovoltaic Panel (“PIPV”) that can be built into or on top of existing infrastructure, transforming any surface into an electricity generating surface.

The modular and scalable panels can be secured directly to existing tiles, flooring, concrete or asphalt substrate, on set in their own independent base.

This enables us to “solarise” an area that was previously just a patio, path or driveway, or to create a new power generating area, path or road 

Solarize Infrastructure

Transform any ground surface into a robust dual-use electricity generating surface 

Solar Pave your patio, pool deck or even driveway

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Image module
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570 mm x 570 mm

6 mm thick

3.3 kgs each

tested to over 5 tonne each

42 W per panel

130 Wp per m2

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