Algarve Solar Swimming Pool Heating Panels Covers & Solutions

Indirect Hot Solar Water Swimming Pool Heating Solution

This premium solar swimming pool heating solution utilises the sun’s thermal energy to heat a non-toxic food-grade glycol solution (Thesol) which transfers heat to your swimming pool water through a closed loop circuit via a specifically designed titanium and chlorine-resistant heat-exchanger.

Fully automated with digital temperature monitoring and system control.

The LSP20+ High Performance 1444 W flat plate glazed solar panels are engineered not to get as hot as possible, but rather designed to maximise the energy required to operate in all conditions, without overheating.  Overheating being the main cause of stress-damage to a number of components in pressurised solar thermal systems.

The specially designed & manufactured selective coating on the collector plate surface inside the glazed solar panel creates a larger surface area on the collector plate, making this an extremely efficient solar panel.

The pressurised system enables the Thesol to heat up even in very cold conditions.

Designed to stagnate at 190 degrees Celsius, there is no need to cover the LSP20+ solar panels in times of high solar radiation and extreme hot conditions with low heat requirements.  

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A Premium & Superior Solar Swimming Pool Heating Solution

Engineered & built to last, the LSP20+ Hot Solar Water Panels come with a 20 year warranty, and have a 35+ year life expectancy.

The Hot Solar Water Swimming Pool Heating Solution requires little to no maintenance, other than a monthly systems check and an annual service call.

Once fitted, the Hot Solar Water Swimming Pool Heating Solution, produces heat for your swimming pool, year-round, for FREE !

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Thin Sleek Panels

These solar panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, flush with an existing roof (minimum 15 degrees), on an optimally-angled ground- or flat roof-standing frame, integrated into buildings on walls or roofs, or installed on a structure that can serve a double purpose such as a pergola, an entertainment area or shaded carport for example.

For more information on the LSP20+ Hot Solar Water Panels click here


2008 mm x 1008 mm x 75 mm

Gross Surface Area 

2.03  m²

Algarve Solar Swimming Pool Heating Panels Covers & Solutions
Algarve Solar Swimming Pool Heating Panels Covers & Solutions


Having a warm swimming pool, using free energy from the sun, will have many positive effects for you & your family !

Massively extended swimming season.

Significantly more swimming pool enjoyment.

Increased property value and rentability.

Once off installation cost.

Minuscule additional running cost.

No moving parts.

Circulates Theosol with indirect heat transfer so no chance of blockages.

Low maintenance – monthly visual check and annual service call.

Intelligent temperature control.

Completely silent.

LSP20+ Superior Solar Panel Engineering

Manufactured to the highest engineering standards in a state of the art plant in Europe, the LSP20+ Hot Solar Water Panels are certified to meet all applicable standards in the European Union, the United States of America, Canada, Korea and many other countries.

Engineering Features

Panel tray stamped from a single sheet

Designed to stagnate at 190ºC – LSP20+ panels will not get hotter than 190ºC – regardless of conditions.

The one-piece forged metal casing and joint free clam-shell design of the solar panel enables the entire construct to expand and contract uniformly, whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.

There are no screws, no nuts or bolts, no welds, no soldering or bonding – nothing that can come undone from continuous expansion & contraction.

No need to cover LSP20+ panels in times of high solar radiation and extreme hot conditions with low heat requirements.

Thesol – non-toxic food grade hygroscopic heat transfer fluid based on mono-propylene glycol used in food industries & water purification applications – temperature tolerance range from +300ºC to -32ºC.

The absorber is plate made from a single sheet of aluminium, mechanically folded around the continuous line of copper heat pipe using a Solar Thermal Panel Absorber Folding Technology

The 360 degree contact between the heat pipe and the absorber plate enables the entire system to expand and contract with full contact.

The single continuous meandering copper heat pipe, without any joints or leak possibilities, creates a robust form of construction.

Anodised aluminium oxide selective coating on the absorber surface creates a series of microscopic ridges to present a greater surface area to the light, designed to produce only useful heat for the application rather than to produce all possible heat.

The panel tray is stamped from a single sheet of aluminium manganese alloy.  Anodised for corrosion protection.

Non-corrosive aluminium frame. Highly transparent (93%) low ironTUV tested 4mm hailstone-resistant tempered safety glass,  designed specifically for high-end solar panels.

Patented connection clamps for pressure sealed links – no soldering or welding needed.

Test & approvals EN 12975, Solar Keymark ISO 9001

Solar Keymark Certification Ref: TSU 002 -21/D (Vertical Panel)