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Hybrid Photovoltaic &
Hot Water Generation

One Panel – All Your Energy Needs

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Generate Electricity Whilst Heating Your Swimming Pool

Maximise on Available Roof Space & Energy Production

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Revolutionary Award Winning Hybrid Solar Panel

French Innovation & Manufacturing

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DualSun – Hybrid Photovoltaic & Hot Water Generation – in one Panel

A revolutionary award-winning hybrid solar panel that combines photovoltaic electricity generation on the front, and hot water production on the rear of the panel.

A three way valve & intelligent control manages the water circulation to heat the swimming pool, controlled via a panel in the pump house, or via a smart phone app.

The photovoltaic power generation can either provide power for your pool pump house & outdoor energy requirements, or can be connected into your household, with the potential to sell surplus power into the grid.

As PV generation works best when the panel is cold, in effect, the large capacity of the swimming pool acts as a reservoir to keep the photovoltaic front of the panels cool and operating optimally, increasing their PV generation by as much as 15%.

The same panels circulating glycol rather than the swimming pool water, can also be used to produce household hot water up to 70°c.

– French Innovation & Manufacturing –

10+ years in the market

20 year PV performance warranty

10 year product warranty

Energy Autonomy For Your Swimming Pool

Twice the Quantity of Energy per m² as a Standard Panel

One Panel

All Your Energy Needs

Cooling of PV Cells = Higher Efficiency

Electricity up to 15 % Gain

Hot Water up to 70°c

Image module
Image module

Technical Info


The 400 Wp, 360-cell, high-efficiency PERC monocrystalline cell panel has standard panel dimensions of 1 646 mm x 1 140 mm x 35mm

Cooled by water circulation on the backside, the panels have a weight of 32 kg each, when full. 


The ultra thin heat exchanger is integrated into the back of the panel, allowing heat transfer from the photovoltaic front side, to the water circulation on the backside.

The thermal-power module has a power of 660 W-thermal per square meter and a gross area of 1 876 m². Its heat-transfer liquid volume is 5 litres with a maximum operating pressure of 1,5 bar.

Maximum temperature non-insulated 80°C, insulated 90°c

Solar Keymark & IEC Certified

Hail Resistance

The panel passed the Swiss RG4 test standard and thus can resist the projection of hailstones up to 40mm in diameter, weighing 29,2g with a speed of 99 km/h.

Wind Resistance

A low-pressure of 2400 Pa, the equivalent of a 130 km/h wind applied to the panel for one hour.

Snow Resistance

A pressure of 5400 Pa, the equivalent of 6 meters of snow applied to the panel for one hour.

Thermal Cycling

The module is exposed to 200 temperature cycles, with each cycle going from -40°c to 85°c over a 6-hour period.

Damp Heat

The module is exposed to extreme conditions (85°c and 85°c relative humidity) for 1000 hours.

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