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When we relocated to Portugal (mid-pandemic) in 2020, the spectacular property we rented here in the Algarve had an unheated, unused, very cold swimming pool!

Enquiring locally about solar pool heating, the companies that did get back to us, all insisted that heat pumps were the way to go.

A bit of market research later and it was clear, properties either had cold swimming pools that were only used for a few weeks in summer, or people had been sold on the idea of heat pumps… and were suffering from high energy bills!

The Algarve, with more than 300 days of sunshine & around 3 200 hours of sunlight per year, is ideal for solar pool heating.

Having been involved in the solar pool heating business in South Africa many years ago, we had some South African designed & manufactured solar swimming pool heating panels sent to us here in Portugal…

Finally we could enjoy jumping in a warm swimming pool, were swimming at night, hosting pool parties… and generally making our neighbours jealous!

Word of mouth is a funny thing… and in no time we had our first orders!

And not just for unheated swimming pools!

With the ever-increasing costs of electricity, clients that had perfectly working heat pumps wanted to switch to solar, and cut out their costly to run (and often noisy) heat pumps.

And rightly so… if you are using electricity to heat your swimming pool, you are literally watching your money evaporate off your swimming pool all day long – madness!

We now manufacture our Solco Solar Pool Heating Panels here in Portugal, are approved installers on both the ThermoSolar and DualSun Solar Pool Heating systems, and offer a range of pool covers and heat retention blanket materials and roll up station options.

We also give free advice and consult on swimming pool builds & renovations.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Contact us for exceptional, swift, friendly service & free advice!

Yours in solar pool heating in the Algarve.

Mike Rumble

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Winners of the Sustainability Award and runners up for Best New Business of the Year at the Algarve Business Awards 2022.

We bring 30+ years of solar innovation & pool heating experience to the Algarve,

from one of South Africa’s premier solar service companies.

Solco Solar – South Africa